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Leadership clash



COCKBURN mayoral candidate Logan Howlett has attacked claims made by former mayor Stephen Lee that he ran a “well-funded” and “large” campaign in the 2005 election.

Mr Howlett ran against Mr Lee at the last Cockburn election.

He said Mr Lee’s comments to the Gazette about the reason behind his campaign spending were misleading.

“My wife and I spent $12,000 in 2005 from our own bank account and we can substantiate every cent,” he said.

“We got no help from ‘outsiders’, but Mr Lee can’t remember or doesn’t know who funded his campaign.”

Both Mr Howlett and Mr Lee have promised to run affordable re-election campaigns in 2009.

The two will be vying for the role of mayor against at least two other candidates – councillor Ian Whitfield and deputy mayor Kevin Allen.

The former mayor resigned from his position earlier this month after Local Government Minister John Castrilli threatened to suspend the entire council if he did not.

Mr Castrilli’s stance followed findings of misconduct, handed down by the Corruption and Crime Commission last September, regarding Mr Lee’s 2005 re-election funding.

Jandakot MLA Joe Francis said voters should consider the CCC findings in the coming election.

Mr Francis said the preferential proportional voting system, in place for this election, would mean Mr Lee or any candidate could be elected even if people did not vote for them as number one.

“The number of candidates could be helping Lee with their preferences,” he said. “If you don’t want Lee, you have to put him last.”

Opposition local government spokesman Paul Papalia said Mr Lee made the right decision by stepping down from his post, but he did not comment on Mr Lee’s desire to stand for re-election.

“By resigning he has ensured that his fellow councillors are not held accountable for events in which they had no involvement,” Mr Papalia said.

He said the election would provide residents with the opportunity to vote for their choice.

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Isnt it great that Logan has become mayor, What the hell does jules know about Newport Engineering??? The owners reside in the west ward!!



Dont forget that the voters of Cockburn rejected Logan Howlett Four Times in a row. He lost in 2000, 2003, 2005 and 2007 elections?
Perhaps he just doesnt understand what the people are saying.......



If Logan Howlett refutes being funded by anyone in 2005, does he at least admit to being funded in 2007. I would like to jog his memory on a donation made by Newport Engineering (would he like to admit to any others?). The owner of Newport Engineering was not shy about being disappointed in Howletts 2007 loss as he stated that "he funded his campaign" for his try at a West Ward seat. Funny because he lives in Central Ward! Oh, thats right, he put his wife up for a Central Ward seat in the same election. Playing games and covering all bases in a desperate bid to win a seat.

I hope our March Election candidates keep in mind that Council is a very serious business.

Woe to Cockburn if a person without the right intentions is elected!

Would Mr Howlett like to respond?

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